Our Thunderbirds Reimagined Collection is live from October 5th - October 12th, head over to Virtua to bid on the artwork created by some of the most exciting NFT artists in the Web3 community.



Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club's first NFT is now LIVE to mint for everyone! Click the button below and then the "Mint now" button in the secret room.

The sale will be live until 2PM UTC on Friday, 7th October.



There are 1000 mint passes available for the Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club (1 per wallet). Each mint pass grants you early access to our drops. 500 were available in our public sale on September 6th, which has now sold out. The remainder will be distributed to our community during September. For your chance to win a mint pass join us on Discord and Twitter. We'll also be doing exclusive drops with existing partners.


There are 1000 mint passes available for the Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club (1 per wallet). Each mint pass grants you early access to our drops. 500 were available in our public sale on September 6th, which has now sold out. The remainder will be distributed to our community during September. For your chance to win a mint pass join us on Discord and Twitter. We'll also be doing exclusive drops with existing partners.



We’re launching our website and social media on June 7th and, of course, our Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club Discord server, where you can become a part of our extraordinary journey! We’ll be working directly with ITV Studios on outreach to fans and newcomers alike.

July & August

We’re working with incredible artists to create an array of NFTs and inspired pieces.
We’ve built an exciting trailer to introduce our vision and we’re focusing on the utility to create a truly meaningful user experience.

September 1st

We’re excited to work Samsung KX LONDON to host an intimate live event. Make sure you’re registered on Discord for a chance to get a free ticket. If you’re not in the UK, we’ll be announcing ways to get involved online closer to the show!

September 6th

Prepare for lift-off with the Thunderbirds: IRC Mint Pass.
We’re giving away 500 FREE mint passes that will provide users with access to our collections before general sale, these will include access to exclusive Thunderbirds NFT artwork.

September 29th & 30th

5,432 generative NFTs go live on International Thunderbirds Day! Mint pass holders will be able to mint on 29th September through the secret room. The public sale will begin on 30th September. Each NFT holder will be assigned a Thunderbirds: IRC placeholder NFT, to ensure fairness of distribution.

October 3rd

All 5,432 NFTS will be unveiled to all the holders. Holders can refresh metadata on the day to check out their new NFTs and their attributes.

October 5th

On October 5th we’ll be auctioning a specially commissioned collection of seven 1/1 artworks on Virtua. Commencing from 5th October there will be 1 piece of artwork sold each day over a 7-day period. We’re excited to be working with established and upcoming artists in the NFT community. Winning bidders will also receive an exclusive physical print.

Rescue Mission Art Content

We are looking for our community to take part in this fun initiative and create artwork. The theme will be ThunderbirdsIRC meets their own personal Rescue Mission. Each entrant will need to provide a summary description of their work, how they created it and why it’s important to them. Work will be reviewed and shortlisted for a chance to win cool prizes!

Coming soon

Holders will be able to join the Sandbox using their bespoke Thunderbirds avatars, and we’ll announce future activities within The Sandbox during this period, including the potential for a Thunderbirds Tracy Island area, future airdrops, and much more. We’ll engage with our community and work towards projects and partnerships that expand and complement the vision for the project. We are also spending time on finalising our DAO structure, which will be designed for voters to act on initiatives which we will integrate as a native part of their WEB3 roadmap.

More partnerships and further details will be announced In 2023, Thunderbirds are GO!

About Thunderbirds

Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson,  this iconic British science fiction show is most famous for its use of a filming technique called “Supermarionation”,. Using marionettes and scale models to create a world never seen before on television.

Set in the 2060s, the show revolved around the adventures of “International Rescue,” a secret organisation dedicated to saving lives. Led by Jeff Tracy, the Tracy brothers piloted a fleet of five state of the art vehicles, “The Thunderbirds” through missions on land, sea, air and in space. The International Rescue team also includes Brains, Tin Tin Kyrano, London Agent Lady Penelope and her driver and side-kick Parker.

Project Details

Thunderbirds: International Rescue club is a brand new NFT community and long-term Web3 project based on the classic television series.

We’re taking the world of International Rescue into the new generation with:

  • Generative Art Drops
  • Avatars in The Sandbox
  • Realtime Rescue Missions
  • Charity DAOs
  • Free NFT air drops and more…

stay tuned on Discord for all the latest updates





3D metaverse avatar

Anyone who mints a Thunderbird NFT at launch will be able to generate a fully animated, 3D Metaverse avatar to use in The Sandbox. Keep an eye on the site and Twitter for the latest news on attributes and rarities.

NFT Art Project

We believe it’s important that a project like this, which celebrates the legacy of an amazing franchise, also celebrates the legacy of the Web 3.0 space so we’re launching a dedicated art collection with digital artists from around the world!

The artists include Harvmcm, whose signature BLOCKS style, known for its expressive and varied colour palette has led to multiple sold-out NFT collections throughout the last two years.The collection will be auctioned as 1/1 exclusive NFT artworks from October 5th – October 12th on the Virtua marketplace. Each piece will come with a free mint for the main project and a physical framed version of the artwork.

Meet the team

Morten Rongaard


Tony Pearce


Adam Mottram

Studio Director

Robert Clarke

Head of Marketing

James Bonshor

CWS Manager

Sean Graham

Product Owner

Sophie Rogers


Terri Leary

Chief of Staff

Joshua Bromley

Technical Director


Q. What is an NFT?

An NFT is a “Non-Fungible Token” – a unique identifier. Because NFTs are authenticated on a blockchain, we can use the technology to power loads of cools things like membership clubs and games where you own the in-game items and can trade and sell them, and much more.

Q. Who are Reality+ ? Can I trust you?

Reality+ is a Web 3.0 company headquartered in Soho, London. We have real offices and in the “team” section you can links to our profiles. We’ve been working in the Web 3.0 and blockchain gaming space since our first NFT AR game, Reality Clash, in 2017.

We have a reputation for creating lasting projects with real utility and value. Our other projects include Doctor Who: Worlds Apart, a trading card game in active development that launches later this year. We also work with other global brands and celebrities on their NFT strategy.

Q. What is the mint amount and what is the price?

The network, amount of NFTs being minted in our main drop and the public and whitelist price will be announced during August and September. All these announcements will be made first on our Discord alongside exclusive raffles to enter our whitelist, so make sure you sign up and take part in the community.

Q. Is there a whitelist and how can I apply?

Whitelist access will ONLY be given out via our newsletter and Discord. You sign-up to the newsletter below and join the Discord here. There will be tons of opportunities to join the whitelist this summer.

Q. So, what about a video game?

After our drops, our next planned project is to create a Web 3.0 game called “Thunderbirds: Rescue Missions” where anyone can send their Thunderbirds away on missions to aid good causes and real-world prizes including tokens, NFTs and exclusive merchandise.

Q. Will there be other partnerships?

Currently our main partnership is through The Sandbox, but we’re exploring partnerships and interoperability with other live and future NFT projects.

Q. What exactly do I get?

NFTs are not just images. Owning the NFT and having it in your wallet grants you access to experiences, merchandise, games, competitions and more.

Owning an NFT doesn’t just give you ownership of the image. You also get exclusive access to a ton of additional benefits, like:

  • Generate a unique avatar on one of the largest and most active Metaverses in the world that will only every be available through this project.
  • Experience Web3 games and other experiences where owning an NFT will provide you with unique perks and benefits.
  • Gain access to free claimable NFTs and airdrops, the first of which is coming a month after the main drop.
  • Vote on the direction of the community and our multi-year project through our Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO).